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This article discusses about the three pillars of Ayurveda. Diet, sleep and celibacy are the basic three principles of healthy living.


In Ayurveda, food (Ahar), sleep (nidra) and brahmacharya (controlled sex) are regarded as the three pillars or tripods of healthy living. It is important for our body to be adjusted to timely intake of good quality and proper food, regular sleeping habits and controlled indulgence in sex because as all this ensures long and healthy life. It is thus vital to have a regular systematic food and sleeping habit so that the body has a regularized automatic system of maintenance. It is even mandatory to maintain a balanced sex life and avoid extra indulgence worldly life. This practice of celibacy along with a proper daily regime not only promotes life and preserves health but also give enrichment to the soul and other cognitive organs and the mind. Given below is the description of the three pillars or tripods of healthy living-

Three Tripods In Ayurveda

We are what we eat. So, it is essential to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to eat. Though there are concepts of generalized diets, which are applicable to one and all, Ayurveda says that it is the individual who knows best what suits his body and mind and he should thus, act accordingly. The popping of all the vitamin pills in the world is not going to make you healthy - for all you know your body might just reject them. One important principle in Ayurveda is that ‘there is nothing in the world which is not a good food’, it is only the combination of several factors that renders a substance unfit for consumption for a particular individual while the same substance might be absolutely palatable and digestible and in fact, good for the health of another individual. The second important point to be noted that whatever the substance, however good it may be, if taken in excess, will become toxic and harmful to the body. Timely and moderate eating habits will serve you well.

Give your body sufficient rest and find out what a different person you are! In pursuit of all the material benefits and comforts, you treat your body like a donkey; use it to the extent you can; and finally are an exhausted person when you have the comforts. When you give your overheated car time to cool off, can't you give your over used body time to recover from the stress and strain? Happiness and sorrow, growth and wasting, strength and weakness, virility and impotence, knowledge and ignorance, life and its cessation - all are dependent on sleep.

Total abstinence from sexual activity may not be possible for ordinary mortals - but a restrained sexual life, keeping in mind the higher goal of eternal happiness, is certainly possible. Sexual promiscuity leads to various diseases. It is therefore very important to take care of your sexual health apart from other factors like diet and sleep.

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