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Ayurveda is a complete health guide having an individualized approach to choose balanced diet. Here are some basic guidelines a person must follow.

Ayurveda Diet

Ayurveda Health Guide
A balanced diet is one of the key Ayurvedic tools, for promoting good health. The practitioners of the 'Science of Life' (Ayurveda) suggest that the diets for people are individualized, based on many factors, such as their age, gender, the doshic tendencies, the strength of body tissues and digestive fires and the level of ama (toxins) in their body. This is the reason why Ayurveda is considered the complete system of healthcare, since ages. The effect of right and wrong type of diet is clearly mentioned by the Ayurvedic practitioners. This helps people to have an idea about what to eat and the right way of eating food.

Apart from a wholesome diet, studies conducted by Ayurveda practitioners also suggest that one should follow some basic rules, when it comes to consumption of food. According to Ayurveda, food should be consumed only after the digestion of the previous meal, because it promotes proper digestion, appetite and the right manifestation of the natural urges. Ayurveda is the complete health guide, which insists that all the six tastes should be included in each main meal that you eat. That is the reason why Ayurveda is referred to as a holistic alternative science.

A pivotal part of Ayurveda, the rasayanas (vitalizers) help a great deal in replenishing the vital body fluids that are necessary for smooth functioning. Intelligence, memory power, youth and luster are also enhanced by rasayanas. Some of the common rasayanas prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners include Chyavanaprasha, Pippali rasayana, Triphala rasayana and Shilajita rasayana.

Ayurvedic Rasayanas
The rejuvenator group of herbal medicines in Ayurveda is termed as 'Rasayanas'. The micronutrients, which are one of the key ingredients of Rasayanas, are beneficial to the body, because they improve health, immunity, vigor, vitality and longevity of life. They are great stress busters, which is the reason why Rasayanas like Chyavanaprasha and Pippali Rasayana are recommended for people of different age groups, from children to adults.

Pippali Rasayana
The traditional Ayurvedic Rasayanas are formulated to serve as vitalizers or rejuvenators. They are prepared by combining different herbs, spices, clarified butter and honey. The Rasayanas are usually prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners, depending upon the age and health requirements of the person consuming it. Among the Ayurvedic Rasayanas (vitalizers), Pippali Rasayana is the one of the most popular medicines.

Rasayana Therapy
The treatment done for the rejuvenation of body and soul is termed as Rasayana therapy (rejuvenation therapy) in the Ayurvedic text books. The therapy is aimed to promote good health and helps a great deal in increasing the longevity of life. It can cure many diseases that are otherwise hard to find treatment for. Rejuvenation therapy enhances the energy and the person's mental and physical capabilities.

Triphala Rasayana
Triphala, the well-known traditional Ayurvedic formulation, makes an excellent skin tonic. It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, prescribed by a number of Ayurvedic practitioners. Triphala literally means 'three fruits'. The three fruits contained in Triphala are Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), Haritaki (Indian Gallnut or Terminalia chebula), and Bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan or Terminalia bellerica).

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