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According to Ayurveda Rejuvenation therapy has lots of benefits. It helps to promote and preserve health and longevity.

Rasayana Therapy

juvenation Therapy
The treatment done for the rejuvenation of body and soul is termed as Rasayana therapy (rejuvenation therapy) in the Ayurvedic text books. The therapy is aimed to promote good health and helps a great deal in increasing the longevity of life. It can cure many diseases that are otherwise hard to find treatment for. Rejuvenation therapy enhances the energy and the person's mental and physical capabilities. A number of studies suggest that rejuvenation therapy is effective in improving the skin complexion, texture, in modulating the voice and in increasing the sensing capacity of the sense organs. Read on to know more about rejuvenation therapy.

Special drugs - the Rasayana - are administered for rejuvenation therapy. The practitioner might prescribe Rasayanas, according to the specific needs of the patient. One of the most common Rasayana is Chyavanaprasha. It is believed by acquiring the treatment, one comes closer to the spiritual aspects of life and helps the society, the sick, the hungry, the poor and the disabled, which brings out another attribute of rejuvenation therapy - it tranquillizes the human mind, thereby making it healthy. Moreover, the therapy prevents the process of ageing and makes an individual free from any disease during an old age.

Two Different Forms Of Rasayana Therapy

While acquiring the treatment of kutipravesika, the person has to stay indoors. In the meantime, he/she consumes the rasayana, as prescribed by the Ayurvedic practitioner. To perform kutipravesika, elaborate arrangements are done. A special type of cottage is constructed for the purpose, wherein the individual is treated. The person follows a prescribed diet, strictly, while undergoing kutipravesika. Before taking this form of rejuvenation therapy, the person has to undergo Panchkarma therapy (detoxification of body).

While performing the vatatapika method of rejuvenation therapy, the person is given different types of Ayurvedic herbal preparations, as prescribed by the practitioner. This treatment is especially suitable for those, who cannot stay at an Ayurvedic clinic for a long time. This treatment suggests that the person should take the medicines at dawn on an empty stomach. Vatatapika can be opted for even without undergoing the Panchakarma therapy.

Benefits Of Rejuvenation Therapy
The benefits of rejuvenation therapy are manifold. It improves the overall health of the person undergoing the treatment. Apart from promoting good health, it is beneficial to increase the concentration and memory power. The skin looks youthful and radiates its natural glow, after the person undergoes the rejuvenation therapy. It brings calmness and de-stresses the mind, relieving it from anxiety, depression and stress related problems. A higher resistance to diseases is built into the body, when the person opts for rejuvenation therapy. Optimum strength of the body is assured by the Rasayana therapy.

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