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In Ayurveda breast milk is called as nectar. Breast-feeding is very important for a newborn baby. Here are some advantages of Breast-feeding.

Importance Of Breast Milk

Breast Milk
Breast milk is the first nutrient to an infant. It is the newborn's privilege and the mother's pleasure to breast feed her baby. Termed as lactation, the secretion of milk from breasts is beneficial for both the mother and the child in a number of ways. Breastfeeding is prerequisite for the growth of the newborn. It should never be avoided, because it is considered the most divine way to show love to a newborn. Ayurvedic scholars have praised the importance of breast milk, due to the myriad health benefits associated with it. In Ayurveda, breast milk is termed as nectar, through which the infant recognizes his/her mother. Moreover, nursing helps create a strong emotional bond between a mother and her newborn. Read on to know the importance of breast milk in Ayurveda.

Significance Of Breast Milk

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