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Wet nurse plays the role of breast-feeding if the mother is not able to breast-feed her baby. This article shares the quality and role of a wet nurse.


Dhatri in Ayurveda
Mother’s milk is considered to be mandatory for a newly born. It is said that the mother’s first milk is helpful in giving immense immunity to a child. Even as he/she grows, for initial few months a child requires nothing except breast milk. It is an ideal diet for a newly born and contains enough nutritive substance to take care of his nutritional requirement as well as sufficient enough to fulfill his gastrointestinal requirements. Not only this, breast feeding is also a way to make a child emotionally safe and secure. Warm touch and cuddle of his/her mother develops a kind of assurance in his/her mind that he is well cared and protected.

Breastfeeding is a feature of our human design whereby newborn babies get the nutrition, immunity and nurturing required for growth and development. Unfortunately there can be health problems, which undermine the natural breast-feeding process. If the mother does not have enough breast milk or if she is sick or her milk is grossly vitiated, in that case wet nurse would or dhatri would be required. In some cultures wet nurses were slaves or as today, many are employed allowing mothers freedom to work or pursue a lifestyle choice. It is better to employ a wet nurse as no other milk can be compared with mother's milk for proper growth and development of the child.

Vagbhata, a famous physician suggested that it is better to employ two wet nurses so that they can feed their own babies adequately, however, this factor is now considered as a myth as doctors say that the mixture of milk with different qualities can upset the baby. Also, before employing a wet nurse for your baby you must ensure the health and other vital factors because her milk has direct connection with the development of your kid. You should look for a homely, loving and caring wet nurse as she will also develop a psychological connection with your child.

Qualities of Wet-Nurse :
Physical and psychological status of wet-nurse should be taken in consideration as they influence quality and quantity of milk. Here are few other qualities that you should look for in the wet-nurse you employ for your kid-

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