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Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India offers us profound wisdom and a detailed therapeutic routine in how to care for a postpartum mom and why it is so necessary.

Post Partum Disorders

Post Partum Disorders
According to many doctors, the post partum disorder is not a very serious problem and can be ignored. However, the present statistics reveals the fact that the number of postpartum depressed women are increasing in number in both developing and developed countries in the world. Lots of health problems, such endocrine disorders, excessive weight loss or gain, chronic reproductive problems and even arthritis, start to take seed in this postpartum time. After the baby is born, the mother and newborn are completely detached from daily affairs and chores for two to six weeks. The care given at this time enables a woman to serve her family and community from a deep developed internal resource.

Postpartum Disorders & Ayurveda
Ayurveda, the science of life, offers a detailed therapeutic routine as to how should family members care for a postpartum mother and the importance of such care. Ayurveda acknowledges that there three very important times in woman's life. The first one is marriage, which traditionally meant she left her home to live with her husband's family. The next most important time is the 42 days after childbirth, and the last one is menopause. The 42-day after child birth is a very crucial period. If she is carefully nurtured, she and the baby would benefit by avoiding most common health disorders associated around this time such as colic or other digestive problems, insomnia, irritability or baby fussiness and postpartum depression.

With proper care, a mother would also deepen and gain the mental, emotional, and spiritual resources needed to carry her though all the demands of family life, without feeling depleted. Ayurveda has perfect remedy for the postpartum disorders. Remember, there is no single cause for post partum problems. Many factors play a role including genetics, environment, medical conditions, life events, and certain thinking patterns that affect a person's reaction to events. In the following lines, we have listed effective ayuvedic postpartum healing tips, to help you make the new mother and bay feel special, loved and cared for.

Ayuvedic Postpartum Healing Tips

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